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Near Smith Island, a waterman harvests oysters from the Chesapeake Bay   Photo by Dave Harp
Near Smith Island, a waterman harvests oysters from the Chesapeake Bay Photo by Dave Harp


Few times in your life will you have the opportunity to experience a place like Smith Island on the eastern shore of Maryland.  A step back into time, a place that time seems to have forgotten.  Or, as author Tom Horton calls his book about Smith Island, “An Island Out of Time.”  This is an isolated fishing village, a place where culture and landscape collide.  A diminishing culture,  the people of Smith Island still harvest the Chesapeake in ways that really haven’t changed in 300 years-all dependent on weather, wind and tide.

FirstLight instructors Jay Dickman and Dave Harp will be with you the entire workshop.  Tom Horton, author and our good friend, will provide his knowledge as well as access, via his boat, to the people and areas of Smith that are far off the beaten path.

You’ll arrive early Sunday afternoon, on the Crisfield-to-Tylerton ferry, as this is the only way to reach Smith Island. In the opening presentation, after dinner, you’ll see the work of Jay and Dave.  The 4 days of the workshop will be spent photographing the Watermen, as well as the natural and stunning beauty of the area.  Thursday morning, you’ll head back to the mainland.

Daily edit sessions will heighten your awareness and ability to “see photographically”, empowering your photography and story telling. And with only 8 students, this provides an unrivalled ratio of instructor to student.   You’ll go back into the field after the edit session with an excitement and understanding of this process, taking your photography to new heights. This is critical anytime you put the camera to your eye and press the shutter, whether a story for a national publication, or photographing your own life, you will come out of this workshop with a far greater understanding of how to tell that story.

The entire process comes to life with the unveiling of our slideshow at the end of the workshop, highlighting the best work from each participant. Held at the FirstLight headquarters, you will enjoy wine and cheese along with the company your now-friend fellow photographers and the locals that you spent the week photographing.

Cost for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is $ 2150.00.  This includes:  Roundtrip ferry from Crisfield, Maryland to Tylerton, on Smith Island.  4 nights lodging, all breakfast and dinners, and instruction over the 3 1/2 days of the workshop.  A final slide show will be made available to you after the workshop.  Not included: lunches, alcoholic beverages, laundry and/or other amenities.  PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE FIRSTLIGHT POLICIES REGARDING PAYMENT AND REFUNDS  BY CHECKING THE APPROPRIATE BOX ON THE REGISTRATION PAGE.  YOU CAN ALSO READ THOSE BY CLICKING HERE

FirstLight will provide accommodations in the small towns, staying in a B&B or a guest home..this is a real location, NOT a tourist destination-some of the rooms may have to share a bath, but you will be out shooting most of the time. .  We’ve found that Baltimore Airport (BWI) is one of the most economical choices in the area.  Car rentals are readily available, or you can use one of several car services as you’ll only need to get from the airport to Crisfield, MD.

This Workshop is sold out.  Please call our office number to be put on waitlist: 303.730.2894.

A partial moon sets over Tylerton on Smith Island       Photo by Jay Dickman
A partial moon sets over Tylerton on Smith Island Photo by Jay Dickman
Sunset on Smith Island     Photo by Jay Dickman

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